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Series P (Power Drive)


  • High-end solution regarding handling, economy and safety
  • Designed for continuous heavy-duty use
  • Matching the requirement profile of large farms and contractors

... and user-friendly!

  • Maintenance intervals up to 250 hours depending on the maintenance class
  • Simplified handling of the guard cones makes maintenance and connecting / disconnecting of the driveshaft more convenient
  • No more need for the holding chain at the tractor side due to profiled protective pipes
  • New cardan joint technologies and multi-lip seals extend the service life of the driveshaft significantly
Universal shaft
Driveshaft with wide angle joint

Walterscheid wide angle joints for series P

  • Solid engineering: superior centering system extends service life
  • Dirt-repellent design enhances functional reliability
  • Extended maintenance intervals: once a week
  • Maintainance-friendly due to easily accessible grease nipples
  • Wide range of replacement parts