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GKN – the trusted OE Service Partner

Several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and GKN have formed a sustainable partnership to deliver an exchange and repair service to support the OEM truck dealers with an extreme high standard of quality and availability – when and where the truck operator needs it.

Service – the challenge for the OEM

  • OEM´s build great products that will last for many years, how many will be damaged in service? What stock quantity is required?
  • How long does stock need to be held before it is required? 
  • Sudden demand takes all stock for a 10 year old vehicle/machine – how long does it take to obtain another? 
  • Hundreds of part numbers with very low service demand are on stock – what is the cost of stock?
  • OEM´s strive to provide the best service to their customers
  • Avoidance of excessive stock

Service – the benefit of GKN Service Agreements
Shafts are our business – we have all the ingredients:

  • Wide stock of the essential original components 
  • Highly skilled people 
  • Workshops near to you 
  • Trusted by manufacturers to deliver quality and protect their brand

Service – GKN working with the OEM´s to support the customer

  • Giving 24-hour service 
  • No OEM stock holding 
  • Reduces administration time/cost 
  • Offer “around-the-corner” service
  • Guaranteed pricing 
  • Quality assurance – using your specified original components 
  • Environmental friendly  
  • Consistent quality throughout the GKN Service Center network

Broken Shaft: The waiting ceases with GKN

  • No more dissatisfied customers due to “vehicle off road” 
  • No more customers complaining of vibration coming from poor balancing 
  • Strengthens OE/dealer/workshop relationship

GKN Service Agreements

GKN formed partnerships regarding the repair service of Cardan shafts with:

  • Daimler Benz in Germany
  • MAN in Germany
  • Volvo in the UK, in Scandinavia and Germany

                             ...and more to come.

OE Quality sign

It signifies shafts built or repaired in accordance with the Uni-Cardan Service standards.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

All manufacturing and repair services are carried out according to the high quality standards of the companies with a certified Quality Management.

Most Uni-Cardan Service Centres are certified to ISO 9001:2008.