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Uni-Cardan Service

Assembling and repairing with original components is a must regarding quality and safety. Using original spare parts offers you many advantages:

  • More reliability
  • Fewer warranty replacements
  • Enhanced cost efficiency
  • Improved driving performance due to less vibration
  • Fewer risks

Uni-Cardan Service people are specialists in shaft repair, and ensure every shaft is restored to its original performance standard – articulation, spline fit, weld integrity, alignment and dynamic balance are all carefully monitored and adjusted to provide you with a quality shaft that guarantees safe and reliable performance.
Preventive checks by our specialists will locate any problem likely to lead to a breakdown.

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Cardan shaft repair

OE-Quality sign

When selecting a shaft, always look for this sign of quality; it signifies shafts built or repaired in accordance with the Uni-Cardan Service standards.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

All manufacturing and repair services are carried out according to the high quality standards of the companies with a certified Quality Management.

Most Uni-Cardan Service Centres are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Pre-adjustment of the driveshaft on specially-designed straightening presses.
This machine combines two steps: compression and welding of the components.
In some cases the driveshafts are being preheated after the compression. This is to prepare them for the welding seam.
Computerised balancing technologies guarantee faultless performance of the cardan shaft.

After a breakdown, a quick service is essential to prevent you from long standing times and loss of earnings.

Our Europe-wide network of Uni-Cardan Service centres enables us to supply you with new shafts, replacements, and immediate on-site repair within the shortest period of time. For all cardan shafts and constant velocity driveshafts in the drive train, for ancillary driveshafts as well as double-jointed driveshafts for all-wheel drive vehicles.