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The Aquadrive system

With Aquadrive

With Aquadrive the engine can be installed in a horizontal position using soft and efficient mounts. Apart from easy installation and permanent alignment, this also leads to better space utilisation while dramatically reducing vibration and noise.

Without Aquadrive

In traditional installations, the alignment of the propeller shaft to the engine has to be precise and subject to periodical maintenance. Stiff mounts transmit high levels of vibration to the hull, even when perfectly aligned.

Aquadrive for installations with V-drive.

Outstanding technology to improve boats worldwide

A. Soft engine mounts isolate engine from hull.
B. Constant Velocity (CV) driveshaft absorbs engine vibration and eliminates need for accurate alignment.
C. Thrust unit on load bearing hull section reduces stress on transmission and engine mounts. Prop pushes boat, not engine.