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Monday, 13. April 2015

More value through OE competence

The requirements placed on the components which are decisive for good and safe vehicle operation increase with every vehicle generation. National and European regulations with regard to safety and environment in combination with a strong trend towards 4WD and SUV’s require new technological improvements. This development also affects the markets for drivetrain spare parts.

Countertrack technology

Ballspline technology

Facespline technology

Cars become more and more comfortable with a significant increase of technical complexity. In addition, All Wheel Drives and Sport Utility Vehicles are also being used more frequently. All these improvements  lead to higher demands in the workshop.

To take the drivetrain sector as an example: Driveline specialist GKN managed to set a milestone in improving the efficiency of modern cars with the latest developments of CV joints The new SX and SIO technologies use the principle of “opposed tracks” for significant efficiency improvement and allowing angles up to 50 degrees and more. Other efficiency improvements are reached by GKN’s new “ballspline” and “face spline” joint systems. All these engineering milestones are installed in new front wheel driven cars as well as in the rapidly growing segment of four wheel drives, and SUV’s.

Comfort and efficiency will have to be maintained after a necessary repair. Only the use of original or identical CV joints or driveshafts equipped with the new joints will ensure these technologies, which had been developed by GKN’s Engineers in cooperation with the car manufacturers to harmonize the components of the cars perfectly and to reach the best results with regard to weight reduction, savings in fuel consumption and improve comfort and safety.

“We experience an increasing tendency away from purely “cheap” spare parts from various sources towards OE quality parts from the original equipment supplier, especially in those markets where dealers and workshop technicians know  the need of installing replacement parts which supply the original features of the car” says Manfred Neumann, Marketing Director Automotive Aftermarket Distribution at GKN Service International in Rösrath/Germany. For each mechanical component in the car there are specialized suppliers working in close cooperation with the car manufacturers. Only those suppliers who developed the new OE product know the exact engineering processes, the up-to date standards and the required quality to supply an identical replacement part. “A good example for this development are  the new generations of sidehafts and propshafts with regard to the technical complexity and increasing comfort in modern cars” says Manfred Neumann. “Our new developments are protected by patents so that no other supplier may deliver these technologies to the aftermarket. We, therefore, offer not only the widest range of SPIDAN and LÖBRO sideshafts and propshafts to the aftermarket but also, as the only supplier, provide the latest joint technologies for all vehicles in which these new types had been installed originally. Using SPIDAN and LÖBRO spare parts will provide an optimum quality repair and create considerably more value to both the trade and the workshops."