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Friday, 18. November 2016

From 4 x 4 to extra-long wheelbase: GKN offers the right propshaft for every Sprinter, Crafter and LT II

Comprehensive propshaft range for the popular van ranges to OE quality from GKN

Rösrath, 11/15/2016 – Virtually no other vehicle class is subject to as much stress as light vans. Frequent short trips and the use of high-torque diesel engines mean heavy loading through the entire driveline. Only technically sophisticated propshafts, engineered specifically for the purpose and offering a consistently high standard across all components can guarantee the fail-safe operation necessary.
The popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as well as the VW Crafter and LT II owe their success not least to the diversity of variants available. The GKN range of propshafts has been further expanded to provide OE quality when carrying out repairs on any one of these variants. GKN has repair solutions for everything from short driveshafts for all-wheel drive versions to 3.0-metre prop shafts for vans with an extra-long wheelbase. The current GKN range for the Sprinter, Crafter and LT II now adds up to 57 propshafts.
One common feature across the range is the high quality standards set by GKN:

  • Precision balancing and reduced mass for greater durability and minimal noise and vibration
  • High temperature resistance for heavy loading under large articulation angles and length variations
  • Crash-optimised design for increased safety

In the event of a defect, the obvious choice for the workshop is to replace the entire shaft instead of repairing individual components. The risks associated with repair are high:

  • Substantial increase in imbalance at higher revs through installation of the wrong or inferior replacement joints (e.g. the wrong type of VL joint)
  • It is often not possible to disassemble individual components at all or without damaging them
  • Pressed cardan spiders can be problematic to reassemble
  • Washers for joint assembly require an exact fit
  • Even repainting the shaft can lead to measureable differences

Given the usage conditions for vans, there is a very high probability that these risks will arise. Workshops should therefore pay particular attention to the quality of the propshaft in order to avoid expensive consequential damage.
For further information on the range, please refer to our website and the individual articles in the GKN online catalogue or in the TecAlliance replacement parts catalogue.


Propshafts are specifically adapted for every vehicle type. Pictured here are a multipart shaft with rubber coupling and integrated crash element (top), a single-piece, weight-optimised HSVL shaft (middle) and a version with universal joints (bottom).