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Friday, 19. May 2017

GKN SX Countertrack joints: Counter running for better results

Effective immediately, Countertrack joint technology developed and patented by GKN will also be available on the spare parts market

Rösrath, Germany, May 2017 – Comprehensive safety and comfort equipment in modern vehicles continues to limit installation space for the power train. This is why GKN developed the so-called Countertrack® joints, which transfer the same power with a considerably reduced diameter (average size reduction: 10%), for modern platforms.

This is made possible through the use of a characteristic S-shaped track profile (see orange contour in the graphic) and the counter-running ball tracks (see opposing arrows in the graphic) – hence the name "Countertrack®". This innovative design makes it possible to reduce internal friction, heat and size and to increase the transferable torque and maximum bending angle. All these benefits can be realised:

  • Power loss is reduced by 30 per cent over the entire bending angle
  • Weight is reduced by 15 per cent with higher power values
  • Thanks to the reduced heat level, up to 25 per cent greater torque can be accepted and transferred

The great reduction in weight which comes along with the development of new vehicle models also provides benefits in terms of consumption and CO2. It has also been possible to extend the wheelbase without losing power. This gives developers more interior space and enables driving characteristics to be improved.

These joints, which GKN also internally refer to as SX, are now available as spare parts. "Should repairs be necessary, GKN Countertrack® joints must be replaced with joints of the same design," said Frank Hürter, Commercial Director of GKN Automotive Independent Aftermarket. "This is because GKN SX joints are not exchangeable with other designs. Drivers would immediately recognise a generic aftermarket part without the patented SX technology through greater turning radii experienced while driving. There's also an increased risk of failure, as conventional compact joints do not offer the sideshaft as much space for movement when utilising full spring travel and/or for the full steering angle of the wheel in comparison to Countertrack® joints. As a result, the sideshaft can permanently damage the joint.”

A complete overview of the available spare part applications can be found on the GKN service website in the "Product News" menu and in the current online catalogue.




The orange contour shows the S-shaped track profile of the ball track.

The arrows show the opposite opening direction of the ball track in the GKN Countertrack® joint.