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SPIDAN steering & suspension parts: maximum quality for more safety

SPIDAN steering & suspension parts are the most reliable components for a better, safer driving experience.

  • Strong engineering capability for best product quality on the market
  • SPIDAN steering parts are manufactured in Europe
  • TÜV certificate available
  • Replacement tools and mounting advice
Suspension control arms

Ball joint

Did you know...

Tie rod

All SPIDAN steering and rubber mounting parts meet, or exceed original part standards. This results from comprehensive testing:

  • Hardness tests of all components
  • Material analysis
  • Push, pull and cyclic tests
  • Durability tests
  • Parts are tested in real driving conditions on the road (for 40.000 kms)
  • Water infiltration tests

Excellent driving performance with SPIDAN steering & suspension parts

Braking distance

Tests prove that driving with worn (or low quality) steering & suspension parts has a negative impact on the braking distance. At 50 km/h the braking distance of a car with worn steering & suspension parts is increased by 2 meters!


From a speed of 57 km/h a car with low quality steering & suspension parts looses road-contact. The same also happens when avoiding obstacles on the road. The steering system plays an important role limiting the body movements of the car.


Aquaplaning occurs when tires can no longer absorb all the water on the road. If the steering & suspension parts do not perform properly, the risk of aquaplaning increases.

Can be ordered exclusively at spidan.nl(at)gkn.com