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Spidan Prophsafts Logo
Uni-Cardan Propshafts Logo

Strength, stiffness, precision balance and low mass are the essential properties of propshafts in ensuring durability and minimum levels of Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). Shaft joints and couplings for propshafts also have to accommodate severe service loads, high angles and apparent changes in path length, due to relative displacement between axles and the gearbox in passenger cars, and the high ‘shock’ loads commonplace in all-terrain vehicles.

Premium propshafts for your safety and comfort

GKN Driveline’s unique capability and innovative lead in crash optimised propshafts ensures a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

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Propshafts key features

aluminium propshafts
Single piece aluminium propshaft
two piece propshafts
Two piece propshaft with alumium tube
two piece steel propshafts
Two piece steel propshaft
three piece steel propshafts
Three piece steel propshaft
  • One, two and three piece propshaft configurations
  • Single and double Cardan joints
  • Range of fixed ball joints, plunging ball joints and tripod CV joints
  • Propshafts range of crash features
  • Range of NVH damping systems
  • High precision balancing capability
  • Friction, Mag-arc, laser and plasma weld technologies
  • High and low angle solutions for propshafts
  • Flexible rubber couplings
  • Custom-designed brackets

Propshafts key benefits

  • Weight reduction through optimised material and joint selection
  • NVH analysis and tuning
  • Propshafts optimised for high speed durability
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Crash compliance