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Convincing quality: SPIDAN springs

With a total of 70,000 vehicle applications, SPIDAN offers the most extensive range of coil springs for European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

SPIDAN coil springs are manufactured in OE factories and therefore match the original specifications of the vehicle manufacturers. Shape, dimensions and spring rate are identical to those of the original springs. SPIDAN coil springs are designed to fit with OE spring seats.

Very few aftermarket coil spring suppliers have access to the technology required to manufacture coil-springs from inconstant (“taper”) wire. The SPIDAN range includes both: linear and progressive rate springs manufactured from constant or inconstant wire.

The range

In addition to the range of more than 3.300 coil springs, SPIDAN offers more than 400 leaf springs for SUV’s and light commercial vehicles and a complete range of hydropneumatic spheres for Citroën passenger cars.

Cylindrical springs

Conventional, cylindrical springs featuring a linear spring rate.

Side load springs

Banana-shaped, side load springs reduce friction between the shock absorber piston rod and its seal while improving shock absorber response.

Taper wire springs

In taper wire springs the wire diameter reduces towards the spring ends. Under normal load and road conditions these weaker end coils guarantee a comfortable ride. Larger deflections as they may result from heavier vehicle loads or worse road conditions activate the rest of the spring. This initiates a progressive increase of the spring rate and stable roadholding. Plastic sleeving on the end coils prevents damage to the spring surface coating and ensures gentle operation.

Minibloc springs

The barrel-shaped minibloc springs are always manufactured from tapered wire and therefore feature a progressive spring rate. The end coils are designed to compress without coil-to-coil contact so these springs are extremely compact and completely noiseless in operation.

Hydropneumatic spheres

SPIDAN offers a complete range of hydropneumatic spheres for Citroën cars, including the current C5 and C6 models. Accurate cataloguing guarantees clients to identify the correct sphere for their vehicle quickly. In addition to standard spheres, SPIDAN also offers a range of “comfort” spheres for most applications.

Attention: avoid warranties!

With regard to spheres we recommend not to use reconditioned products as they may cause claims, additional costs and customer dissatisfaction. All SPIDAN spheres contain exclusively brand-new parts and are TÜV-approved. SPIDAN guarantees reliable functioning and suspension comfort by using the exact tare pressure specified by the manufacturer.