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Remanufacturing and Recycling of used driveshafts for the automotive aftermarket

GKN develops and produces new driveshafts and systems for the Original Equipment Manufacturers, but also takes back cores from the workshops. These are professionally remanufactured according to OE standards for use in the automotive aftermarket. All usable parts of the cores are checked, cleaned, regenerated and mounted. Residual materials will be disposed of according to existing environmental regulations and laws.

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Reman plant Carcastillo, Spain

Saving of steel:

  • 1,600 tons p.a.


  • Avoidance of 1,600 tons of scrap (steel)
  • Remanufactured driveshafts: 500.000 pcs. p.a.
  • Weight per driveshaft: Ø 4 kgs
  • Re-used steel: Ø 80 %

The GKN Grease Treatment Process

The manufacturing process of driveshafts for OE use regularly produces excessive or unusable grease which would have been disposed of.

In France, GKN has developed and installed a recycling system to collect and regenerate old grease and re-use it in the remanufacturing process of driveshafts.

Material savings:

  • Realisation of 15 tons “type 1” grease p.a.
  • The quantity represents 19 % of the required quantity
  • Total grease required for the remanufacturing of driveshafts: 78,8 tons p.a.
  • Each year, there are 60 t of grease to eliminate.


  • Saving of 15 tons of grease to eliminate.
  • Used grease represents nearly 80 p.c. of the waste.


GKN is studying possibilities to collect and recycle grease from cores during the remanufacturing process. At GKN Driveline Ribemont, France, this process generates 60 tons of grease which have to be disposed.