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Core return

Remanufacturing of driveshafts saves raw material and protects the environment. Cores should be treated carefully. They represent valuable raw material!

Core return offers considerable advantages:

  • Core return processes are standardized to keep administration work low.
  • You are credited core values for all cores which can be remanufactured. 
  • We will dispose of cores that cannot be remanufactured at no charge to you.
  • Core return solves the garages’ problem of waste disposal.

GKN takes back cores showing the following features:

  • Core must be of the same type as the exchange part.
  • Driveshaft must be complete – consisting of the interconnecting shaft and both joints.
  • The interconnection shaft must be upright. Bent shafts cannot be remanufactured.
  • The interconnecting shaft must not be rusted out or broken.
  • The thread of the joints must be complete and fixed.

Cores which can't be taken back