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Military vehicles (© Force Protection Europe)
Military vehicles (© GDELS)

GKN Powertrain Systems & Services 

  • has a unique ability to provide solutions for special vehicles, where the drive system has to operate in extreme situations. GKN has developed bespoke driveshafts for all conditions of torque, speed, angle, and environment.
  • has access to the vast parts program of original products from GKN's own production, and other leading manufactures of driveline components.
  • offers experience and engineering know how to resolve challenging installations. 
  • provides optimised solutions which ensure smooth operational performance and durability for your application.
  • offers various propeller shaft designs as Mechanics, DIN, SAE and Serration X (XS).
  • will provide you with tailor-made design and precise demands to your application.
Agricultural vehicles (© Reform-Werke)
Municipal vehicles (© Traktorenwerk Lindner)
Agricultural vehicles (© Traktorenwerk Lindner)