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Piton-Fix - a classic trunnion coupling

Similar to hitch couplings, Piton-Fix belongs to the category of bottom hitches.

Key features

  • cylindrical holder on the tractor
  • locking mechanism made up of a transverse bolt located above
  • in general the Piton-Fix coupling is mounted rigidly
  • low hitch option
  • vertically adjustable Piton-Fix couplings available


  • special towing eye on the trailer (inner diameter 50mm)
  • towing eyes must be approved according to DIN 9678 (ISO 5692) specification

Piton-Fix hitches - overview

  • couplings which can be attached to the bearing block
  • attached to the support plate
  • attached to the hight adjustable inside part
  • rigid installation (plugged or bolted)
Piton Block PB5300N
Piton Block PBAU and PEP
Additional models