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Walterscheid trailer ball products

Especially attached implements and machinery with wide working widths demand the capability of supporting great vertical loads. Walterscheid ball hitches offer a variety of benefits in this regard:

  • All Walterscheid trailer ball products are fitted with a solid, continuously adjustable, and forged hold-down device
  • This device can be adjusted in a few easy steps without the need for any tools
  • The height play can be adjusted by means of an adjusting screw
  • The new hold-down device is capable of supporting extremely high loads
  • It can be easily swivelled to the side for coupling and uncoupling
  • All trailer ball products are designed to allow even a worn ball to be replaced twice by pressing in and out
  • Walterscheid trailer ball products reach a service life of more than 10,000 operating hours
Inside Ball Parts KI
Hitch Supports KB
Flanged Ball-Type Coupling KFD
Coupling Blocks KK
Ball-Type Drawbars KBA
Additional Models