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Walterscheid clutches

The guardians of agricultural machinery

Walterscheid clutches protect your agricultural machinery from overstressing.
A wide product range from basic and functional types to highly convenient overload clutches enables us to provide an adequate clutch for each application.

Star Ratchet Clutches
Shear Bolt Clutches
Friction Clutches

Typical applications

Star ratchet clutches: for the lower output ranges of machinery, e.g. rotary tedders, rotary windrowers, small manure spreaders

Shear bolt clutches: basic coupling technology for manure pumps and mixers, rotary cultivators

Friction clutches: for square balers, mowers, rotary cultivators, blowers, woodchippers, mulchers

Cam clutches: for rotary windrowers, forage wagons, round balers, manure spreaders

Overrunning clutches: for mowers, square balers

Cam Clutches
Overrunning Clutches